SATURDAY, APRIL 27th, 2019



3750 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114


12 PM - Children & Youth Competition – Buy Tickets


6 PM - King, Queen, and Drag Majesty Competition – Buy Tickets


Join us as we embark on a journey to select the 2019 Carnaval Royalty. Be a part of the excitement as contestants vie for the Carnaval San Francisco Prince, Princess, King, Queen, and Drag Majesty crown with electrifying performances in Carnaval costumes, sometimes accompanied by other dancers and musicians. The winners of the competition will be crowned as Royalty of the 41st Annual Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade and Festival held on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 25th to May 26th, 2019. Contest winners will serve as the Official Ambassadors at the Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade and win cash prizes!



Photo courtesy of John Tait




Aimee Zawitz (Queen)
Loco Bloco

I love SF Carnaval! Since I joined Loco Bloco 4 years ago, I have been in the parade supporting and performing with the youth. I am a dancer. I love to dance and when I perform I try to share that love and passion with the audience.

Carlos Ceron Pruitt (King)

I have studied with RITMO Y SABOR in Columbia, I have also studied SALSA COLOMBIA OFICIAL DANCE in Oakland CA. In 2018 I participated in Carnaval SF with SALSEROS PARCEROS and my strong point is LA SALSA DE CALI.

Christine Costello (Queen)

This is my 7th year performing in the Carnaval SF Grand Parade. I have danced with Paixão, Gente da Cidade who placed 2nd place in the Brazilian category last year! This year I am representing Esforço and I participate in Carnaval SF because, for me, it shows the power of community.

Ebonie Barnett (Queen)

I have danced with Sistas-Wit-Style since 2012 and participated in Oakland Carnaval and Carnaval SF a total of 4 times. Studying Haitian, West African and Hip Hop with Dimensions Dance Theater helped to take my dance studies to New York, Los Angeles, Arizona and Cuba. I believe in the strength of the African Diaspora and I incorporate that strength into my performances to bring contagious energy, love and passion to each movement.

Guillermo “Yiyo” Ornelas (King)
Mission Cultural Center

Guillermo "Yiyo" Ornelas is the Arts Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. They are responsible for programming classes and workshops that reflect the various cultural experience of the Latino community. Yiyo has also led the annual Multicultural Art Summer Youth Program (MAS).

Inayah Baaqee (Queen)
Mas Makers

I began performing West African dance professionally at the age of 9 with the African Queens Dance Company under Leslie Carter. I performed professionally all over the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and China. I have studied many dance styles of the African Diaspora from Bay Area dance instructors and I have performed traditional West African and Afro-diva dance with singer, songwriter Sistah Iminah.

Joy Broussard (Queen)

At a young age under the training and direction of Celisse Greer Johnson, I was introduced to Carnaval via her roots of Trinidad in addition to Ballet, Jazz and Soca. While earning my three Bachelor's Degrees at Humboldt State, I opened up my own hip hop dance studio called "OhBoys". Going into my 5th year with Sambafunk, I am apart of the performance group as well as am one of the creative directors.

Manolo Davila (King)

I have participated in Carnaval SF for over 20 years with a variety of groups such as ; Mara Reggae, Loco Bloco, and Mission Cultural Center; both as a Dancer and Musician. I am a former member of the local SF band Solton.

Naomi Fierro (Queen)
Latin Dance Grooves

I have been dancing since I was three years old; as an adult, I have primarily studied under the tutelage of Elizabeth Soberanes and her Latin Dance Grooves comparsa. I participated in Carnaval as a dancer for Latin Dance Grooves almost every year since 2009. I also participated as Princess when Elizabeth was crowned Queen of Carnaval in 2001. I have traveled to Cuba to study Afro-Cuban folkloric song and a variety of dance styles with el Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba.

Rogelio Gomez (King)

My strengths as a performer is unlimited, I leave everything on the dance floor and enjoy the music and the energy of the people. I competed in the Carnival King and Queen competition in 2016.

Sandra Cano (Queen)

I participated in many cultural events and folkloric performances in my country Colombia. Now that I live in California, I’m an active person who teaches Zumba classes in the Bay Area. I participated in Carnaval SF with Viva la Diva and Parceros Salseros.