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Carnaval San Francisco (CSF), is a multicultural celebration of music, dance, and artistry that since 1979 has showcased Latin American culture and the talents of Mission District residents in an atmosphere of harmony and revelry.


Carnaval San Francisco attracts over 400,000 individuals to the Mission District each year and involves hundreds of local bay area artists and arts organizations, making it the largest multi-ethnic festival in California. The two-day event attracts renown Carnaval ensembles from Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as internationally acclaimed headliners.


The festivities include a Grand Parade and festival, each drawing upon broad cultural pageantry and fostering a spirit of universal inclusiveness. With over 70 community arts comparsas, or contingents, participating annually in the parade, CSF has deep and nurturing relationships with local artists whose work is representative of a wide spectrum of world traditions.


The Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade features more than 50 community arts and school contingents representing the cultural heritages of Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Cuba, Peru, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Columbia, Trinidad, Africa, Guatemala, El Salvador, and more. The festival, which spans both days, will feature performances by a variety of community artists on several stages.


Carnaval San Francisco builds community by uniting a diverse cross-section of the population in celebration of multicultural arts and culture, encouraging increased understanding and pride within the neighborhood and community-at-large. CSF is family-oriented, providing a venue for cultural participation by multi-generational contingents, performing artists, and audience members, as well as offering an opportunity for parents and grandparents to introduce and reinforce their heritages to their children and youth.






Below are some of the dance organizations that have participated in the Grand Parade. Stay up to date on their fundraising activities, opportunities to join them in the Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade, and classes they're offering in the community:






Thursdays, April 4th to May 23rd
7–8:30pm at Old Finnish Hall
1819 10th St, Berkeley, CA 94710









Tradicion que se vive con pasion!


*San Rafael – 425 Irwin St. San Rafael, CA
Lunes y Miercoles
Kids 5-6pm, Pre-teens 6-7:30pm, Adults 7:30-9pm

*Santa Rosa- 950 Sebastopol Rd Santa Rosa, CA
Martes y Jueves
Kids 5-6pm, Pre-Teens 6-7:30pm, Adults 7:30-9pm

*Concord- 1875 Adobe St. Concord, CA
Viernes y Sabado
Kids 5-6pm, Pre-teens 6-7:00pm, Teens/Adults 7-9pm


CONTACT: Netza Vidal, Director:
PHONE: 415.519.1563






BeadSquad grew out of the idea to create a fun way to build community and spread healthy living. Our group teaches our dancers and drummers how to live an active and healthy lifestyle as well as the history and significance of the cultural dances and music.


BeadSquad was created in 2018, although many of its dancers have been performing in Carnaval for over 10 years.


We are honoring the African diaspora by weaving different styles of choreography together to acknowledge the oneness that slavery and its legacy has tried to keep separated.


Our theme this year is “Exist Loudly!” We want to encourage everyone to be their authentic selves to create a better future full of love and acceptance. As change makers we need to take up space and speak our truth. Exist Loudly!


Wednesday’s at 7-8:30 pm at Alameda Beach Body
2412 Clement Ave in Alameda


CONTACT: Molly McGee:
PHONE: 510-735-7304






CONTACT: Isidro Fajardo at:
PHONE: 415.519.1563




CONTACTO con Isidro Fajardo para mas información de entradas:
TELEFONO: 415.519.1563








Horace Mann School has been dancing in the parade for 30 years with new choreography, costumes and a float each year. We have a mixture of live and recorded Latin rhythms and an original dance especially for the parade.


We welcome Horace Mann students and alumni to join as well as their parents and teachers.


Contact Bob Armstrong, BVHM Art Coordinator
Phone: (415) 515-8815






Our theme is tilted "Newborn Revelers". We are a "newborn" group filled with a majority of participants new to the SF Carnaval Parade and experience. Our group celebrates our purpose: to expand, educate, and welcome all people interested in "reveling" World Carnavalescos style. Our dance represents a fusion of the African and Latin culture. Our choreography is inspired by Soca, Afro Beats, and African Brazilian music.


This is Carnavalescos first time performing in SF Carnaval Parade, making their debute with "Newborn Revelers" contingent theme. Carmen Carrasco and Stephanie Owen are the Founders of Carnavalescos. Their love for African, Caribbean, and Latin dance is what inspires them artistically in design and choreography. As a dance group, they want to bring all people together to participate, perform, and celebrate CARNAVAL style!


Carmen has competed and won the title as "Queen of Carnaval" for San Francisco in 2010 and for Santa Barbara in 2013. Stephanie has choreographed for SF Carnaval contingents in 2007 and 2008, having won 1st place in the Caribbean category for her collaboration. Both women have grown up in the San Francisco Carnaval Community, and have now joined forces to bring a new performance group into existence. The goal is to honor their dance roots and their teachers before them. They want to share their vision and love of the carnaval culture to their community!


Saturdays 4-5 PM at Physique Magnifique
387 Grand Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Sundays 1-2 PM at Bay Area Ballet Conservatory
275 Wattis Way, South San Francisco, CA 94080


CONTACT: Carmen Carrasco and Stephanie Owen:
PHONE: 415-240-0095






"Juntos somos un volcan" Together we are a volcano, representing the force and power that we as Nicaraguans create when we come together. Not just as Nicaraguans, but even more as a part of a Latin American unity. Together we are a force of nature. Nicaraguans celebrate carnaval on its own as well. Every year the biggest musical groups which would be considered a "drumline" in the United States come from all parts of the country and parade in the streets of the capital Managua. We would like to follow the tradition of our drum lines to the rhythms of Palo de mayo, cumbias, marimbas and chicheros. is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian services to people in Nicaragua. Over in the bay area we have Chavalos danzas por Nicaragua which provides free nicaraguan folklore classes to people of all ages. Our goal is to connect people to their roots regardless of where they are born. We hope that by bringing all of the Nicaraguan community together, we raise awareness and allow our culture to heal and rise from the turmoil that's been affecting our country since April 2018.


Saturday 10:00am-11:30am
960 Geneva Ave.
(Navarro's Gym)

Sunday 11:00am-1:00pm
3215 Cesar Chavez St.
(Saint Anthony Church Parish Hall)
Entrance on Shotwell St.


CONTACT: Diana Aburto:
PHONE: 415-710-7416






Quechua-Aymara indigenous from South America. From the Kallao Altiplano region.


The Mohozeñada, is a music performed as a reciprocal act to Pachamama (Mother Earth). The Mohozeño (the instrument) is first heard during the days prior to the beginning of the rainy season (Jallu Pacha). The myth says that the Mohozeñada is a caller of the rain, a much needed element for crops to flourish. Later Pachamama births abundant crops and people dance and play Mohoseñada thanking her for the first harvest of the year.


ANQARI is the name of the aymara deity that represents the wind.We are a community of musicians dedicated to the performance and promotion of traditional music and dances of the Andes, specially of the wind instruments and indigenous dances of the Kollao Altiplano, a culturally rich region in the heart of the South Andes.


Every Sunday at 3PM
Right in front of Children's Fairyland and next to Oakland Lawn Bowling Club in Oakland, CA


CONTACT: Rafael Laruta:
PHONE: 415-513-8012






Comunidad Yucateca joined the Carnaval family back in 2004 when we paraded for the first time alongside Accion Latina's float. Ever since then our float has grown larger every year. This will be our 15th year participating in this event. We see this as an opportunity to not only showcase the traditions and culture of our still growing community in the Bay Area, but also as a way to raise the profile of our community and to build a stronger and healthier community around this event. Our contingent brings two large dance troupes together along with contingents from as far north as Portland in Oregon and from LA and even from Mexico. We are very proud of this work and also to be part of the festival and parade every year.


Jarana music as described above is a particular type of music played during celebrations in Yucatan, played by a 9 piece band. This music is heavily influenced by pre-hispanic Mayan rhythms mixed with Spanish and Caribbean influences. The results is a mix of rhythms that range from danzon to the Spanish Jota and ancient Mayan tunes.


For the past 15 years, Comunidad Yucateca has brought the tradition of the Jarana Yucateca to the parade and festival. This form of music and dance is representative of the culture and tradition of the Mayan villages across the Yucatan Peninsula. We will be performing to the tunes of Jarana a series of traditional steps and choreographies.


Mondays 6-8pm at Asociacion Mayab
3012 16th Street # 202, San Francisco, CA 94103


CONTACT: Alberto Perez Rendon:
PHONE: 628-224-2944






In a search to develop new dance technique and learn Cuban rhythm and movement, a group of amateur dancers reached Ramon Ramos for training and choreography. We had so much fun and were inspired by his training and professionalism, we encouraged him to create an offshoot of his CubaCaribe dance company; one that participates strictly in Carnaval San Francisco. Ramons’ connection in the dance community has allowed him to gather a variety of dancers to assemble to create a new group CubaCaribe Carnaval.


Sunday 10 am to 12 pm starting January 13 to Carnaval.
Place: Dance Mission theater


CONTACT: Darcie Ellyne:
PHONE: 650-307-2874





FULFILL your deeply rooted longing and insatiable desire to dance and celebrate life with a wildness you once only associated with youth! IT'S SF CARNAVAL TIME AGAIN! Every year, across the globe, various cultures host Carnival celebrations. The Diaspora Masquerade Band is proud to participate in the beautiful tradition of San Francisco Carnaval Grand Parade! Join us! All are welcome! No dance experience necessary! DMB will introduce you to the fun, revelry, music and dance of carnival!





















FFDC is an all-female dance troupe originating from the Bayview-Hunters Point community; self-identifying thru genres of Hip hop, West African, and Afro funk. Most importantly, we philosophize a sisterhood of love and self-respect.


**all participants/members must become an official BGCSF member before joining/rehearsing**


CONTACT: Lilla Pittman:














Alchemy was an art based partly upon experimentation and partly upon magic. The word alchemy is thought to derive from an Egyptian word, 'chem' or 'qem,' meaning black — a reference to the black alluvial soils bordering the Nile ... We know that the Greek word 'chyma,' meaning to fuse or cast metals, established itself in Arabic as 'al kimia' — from which alchemy is derived


Fogo Na Roupa presents: 30 years of Alchemy: Fire, Fervor, and Flow
In celebration of our 30th anniversary, this year’s theme shares our story of ALCHEMY, the magical and chemical combustion which makes us who we are…an explosive combination of fire, fervor, and flow; the three ingredients that have come to life in the 30 years of our self-styled “Fogo Family”. As we reach the very pivotal milestone of 30 years, we celebrate the unique process of transformation, combination and creation of these essential elements that form our energy as a contingent and as a community. We tell our story through the beat of our drums, the dance in our bodies and social activism in our existence, recognizing that our very birth in 1989 emerged from a romantic dream rooted in an immigrant experience, manifesting in a revelry led by Mestre Carlos Aceituno.


Fogo Na Roupa 2019 regalia visually embraces the ancient craft of alchemy, with roots in ancient Africa and Mesopotamia, a pursuit of both physical and spiritual perfection through transformation of matter with three fundamental ingredients being represented within our parading contingent.


Fogo will take to the streets with great pride and joy, reveling in the glory of the past 30 years and igniting our future for decades more of ALCHEMY!!


Our batería is rooted and inspired by afro-brazilian rhythms of Carnaval.


Fogo Na Roupa Classes at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission St, SF, CA 94110
Adult Carnaval Dance Community Classes Tuesdays 8:15-9:30pm and Saturdays 1:30-3:15pm Studio B ($10 drop in/$8 with class card)
Percussion Class Saturdays 12:30-1:30pm ($10 drop in/$8 with class card)
Fogo Kids Dance Classes, ages 6-10, Saturdays 12:30-1:30pm Studio A ($7 drop in/$6 with class card)
Teen Dance Classes, ages 13-18, Mondays 5:30-6:30pm ($7 drop in/$6 with class card)

Sparks of Fogo Youth Programming in Oakland
Melrose Leadership Academy, 4730 Fleming Ave, Oakland, CA 94619
Fridays 6-7pm FREE


CONTACT: Metzi Henriquez and Jose Rivera:
PHONE: (415)533-8149 and (415)606-4185






We are forming a group of old-time carnavalescos to parade in this year’s 40th anniversary celebration. We are seeking long-time participants and are especially interested in enticing back people who haven’t been parading recently. All dancers and drummers are welcome and we are particularly interested in enrolling former contingent leaders and former kings & queens. This group will be an opportunity to celebrate and honor those of us who have been in the parade since the early years and who are part of it’s history.


Ruben Texador of Oya Nike has agreed to host us and is doing us the honor of letting us lead off his contingent. We will be an independent group with complete autonomy, but will benefit from their infrastructure. This will be a minimum fuss/minimum stress experience: Dancers and Drummers from all traditions are welcome—African, Brazilian, Caribbean, Latin American. Make a costume (we can help), wear an old one that you love or we should be able to provide a simple costume at cost. We will be deciding on colors soon. No choreography—we’ll be free-styling, unless you love doing a routine, in which case, we’ll put you in touch with like minded folks so you can organize yourselves.


Disability is not a barrier. We will have several seats on Ruben’s truck available to our members, but be sure to let us know so we can reserve you a spot. There will be no class fees. If minor expenses arise, we may have a very small registration fee, but no one will be turned away for inability to pay.


Please pass this on. We’re counting on the parade grapevine to help us recruit.


CONTACT: Lisa Leighton at or Jan McDermott at
FACEBOOK: Group Reuniao da Vehla Guarda






Tentative title: "Peace, Love, and Samba" As with the peace movement of the 1960s, our music helps express our hope for a better world and inspires us with its transformative power. Samba emanates an undeniable rhythm that moves your body, heals your spirit, and uplifts your soul. It brings transformation to the lives of individuals and communities. If more people experienced samba, perhaps there would be more peace in the world.


Our group is inspired by the rhythms, color, imagination, and spectacle of the great Carnaval parade groups in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dance includes traditional samba in the style of Rio as well as sections performing joyful original parade choreography to reflect the theme, as is done in the parade groups in Rio, driven forward by the irresistible samba beats from the big drum bateria.


Music is provided by a large percussion ensemble modeled after the drum baterias of the traditional escolas de samba of Rio de Janeiro. A range of traditional samba percussion instruments is included, such as surdo, caixa (snare), tamborim, repinique, agogo, chocalho.


Grupo Samba Rio was founded in 2004 by renowned Brazilian percussionist and cultural ambassador Jorge Alabê and honors the rhythms and spirit of the Carnaval parade groups of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Grupo Samba Rio is based out of Oakland and offers weekly percussion classes, and performs throughout the bay area. Collaborating with us is Sandy Del Rio, leader of Samba Mundial Dancers, who provides overall creative direction and dance direction. This collaboration has led Grupo Samba Rio to bring the real flavor of Rio's Carnaval to the streets of the Mission and has given us the honor of receiving awards in the SF Carnaval parade for several years.


Bateria percussion classes are led by Jorge Alabê on Sundays 5:30-7:30pm
FICA Oakland, 2513 Magnolia St, Oakland, CA


CONTACT: Deborah Gogan:
PHONE: 510-928-8959





La Cumbiamba Colombiana, has participated in Carnaval San Francisco for several years showcasing Colombian folklore, culture, and traditions earning significant awards such as: "Artistic Spirit Award," "Third Place as Best Overall Comparsa," and "First Place as Best Traditional/Folkloric Category." We always welcome new and/or experienced dancers, parade monitors, children and adults. No prior experience in Carnaval is needed. All ages and all nationalities are welcome to join us.


FACEBOOK: La Cumbiamba Colombiana Facebook Page








Loco Bloco is a youth and family organization focused on the development of children and youth through exploration of the arts. Celebrating 20 years of service in San Francisco, Loco Bloco is deeply embed in the community life of the City and is known for using the arts-music, dance, drumming, stilt-walking and theater- to influence social/political change on behalf of under-represented peoples in neighborhoods. Rather than follow the prescribed path for arts organizations, Loco Bloco is celebrated for working with youth, 3-24,of all experiences and providing a platform for their expression.








Maracatu is a music and dance form indigenous to Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil in a celebration unique to the African diaspora. We welcome dancers 16 or older interested in learning about Maracatu. 







MCCLA has participated in Carnaval San Francisco since its inception and continuously since 1999. We have earned awards in the parade during the last few years. MCCLA was founded in 1977 by community activists to promote, preserve, & develop Latino Cultural Arts. We have been in the heart/corazon of the Mission since 1977.


Our dance & choreography is Pan Latino with a mix of older & newer dance styles: salsa, merengue, bachata, & reggaeton thrown together through a Pan and specifically Afro–Peruvian tinge.


"Sazon Del Alma" refers to the mixtures of many cultures which have melded into Pan Latino Culture. It means spice/flavoring/tincture/juju/mejungle-i/e. a mixture making your health, your food, your music & all that defines "Culture" that it can be.


Deadline for Registrations on Saturday, March 30!
We begin Carnaval dance rehearsal on:
Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 10–11:15am at:
Studio B, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
We add a second class on Wednesdays in April 2019. Check MCCLA Carnaval 2019 for latest information:


Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA






Mixtiso Latino Indio-Afro-Mexican-Salvadorano Ubano Hip hop dance company


Mixtiso has been in the parade since 1999 dancing to a combination of live drumming and recorded music that mixes salsa suelta, hip hop, rumba, cumbia, a bit of samba, bachata and danza azteca. The group has 50-80 dancers and drummers. Youth 7 and above and adults are welcome and we can modify choreography to accommodate elders and the disabled.


Contact Vanessa through our Facebook Page.






Moving Beyond has been in Carnaval since 2010 dancing to a combination of Hip Hop, Bangra, Salsa, Arabic and Chinese music.


We welcome children 3rd grade and up as well as adults to lead and are more than willing to modify choreography and costumes to accommodate elders or the disabled.  People who want to do something special are welcome to contact us.


Cost of rehearsal is on a sliding scale from $0-$210. First class is free so come try us out!
We are dedicated to the idea that anyone should be able to dance in the parade so no one will be turned away for inability to pay.


Costumes designed by Mario Chacon will cost around $50.


Contact Rebecca or just come to a rehearsal.
Phone: (415) 310-2465






Muito Quente! has been dancing in Carnaval SF since 2012. This year we will be celebrating the diversity of our beautiful dancers and how their roots bring Muito Quente alive! Our diverse backgrounds and love for samba bring an eclectic spin to what we call “samba groves.” Come join Muito Quente! and bring out the best of YOU.


Open to all dance levels ages 16 and up and skaters.




Leticia Pagan (510) 856-7808 & Barbie Penn (415) 368-4860




Proyección Folklórica Guatemalteca Xelaju


PFGX has participated in Carnaval for 15 years, showcasing traditional Mayan folkloric dance to live marimbas and a decorated float.


We welcome new members and can accommodate those with special needs.


Participants wear authentic dress brought in from Guatemalan villages. The traditional clothing of the indigenous men of Guatemala is handwoven on a backstop loom with patterns that vary by region. Our moro's costumes are fully ornamented and colorful. Our women wear handwoven huipils which are uniquely decorated with designs and symbols, each with their own sacred meaning, and hand made skirts (cortes) which may be short or long depending on the region from whence they came.


Rehearsals are free.
Costumes available on loan.


For more information about rehearsal time and location contact:
Oscar A Gonzales at
or Gloria G. at






SambaFunk! is Bay Area born - Oakland expression of Brasilan dance with a African center, Latin flava, Caribbean Groove and Funk appeal.... A very unique but grounded dance experience, a dance experience filled with luv, commitment, culture, connection, compassion, community and historic relevance. Open to all levels. Technical dancers welcomed - Good introductions to Samba fundamentals for all dance backgrounds.





SambaChurch Facebook Event Page

SambaFunk! Facebook Page

Tel: 510–451–6100






Sistas–Wit–Style is a Caribbean Folk Performing Dance Company founded by three young ladies; Merissa Lyons (CEO), Valencia Newton (COO), and Kianna Rachal (CFO) and is managed by Annabelle Goodridge. We are Oakland–based and plan to teach, promote, and spread the Caribbean culture throughout the Bay Area. We are dedicated to providing youth, teens, and adults with cultural experience that enables them to make a difference through dance. We are available for bookings.








Ruth’s Table is partnering with Trash Mash Up on a series of eco-arts workshops where participants will construct original “Maskostumes” inspired by traditions from around the world.


Ruth's Table is a center for creative learning rooted in the life of artist Ruth Asawa. Our center offers an array of innovative and affordable workshops, from painting, drawing, textile to mixed-media art projects, and provides a platform for local artists to showcase their work. Trash Mash-Up is leading the visual presentation of the comparsa. Trash Mash-Up is a community art project. Using disposable materials, collected before they enter the waste stream, participants construct “Maskostumes” which are original pageant masks and costumes inspired by traditions from around the world.


We are excited to be a part of the community celebration and encourage you to participate in our intergenerational comparsa! The events are free and fun for the entire family to participate. Join in!


Event Website:

For more on Ruth’s Table, go to:

From more on Trash Mash-Up, go to:






United Rhythms San Francisco is an all-inclusive dance fitness group formed in 2016 by Health Realization Transformation, owned by Brenda Perdue, a born and raised San Franciscan and small-business owner. Brenda Perdue incorporates her educational background in criminal justice, case management, counseling, and legal training to provide self-healing and stress reduction through the art of fitness and dance. United Rhythms is proud to partner with Carnaval SF to celebrate the various dances and cultures from all over the world. This annual celebration gives our dancers the opportunity to reconnect and pay homage to our indigenous roots. United Rhythms dancers love being in Carnaval because of the bonds we form, the struggles we overcome together, and the empowerment we feel from dancing and performing. We help each other grow in various ways. For example, we allow dancers to take on the role of choreographers and instructors.




Instagram: united.rhythms


Youtube: United Rhythms Channel

Phone: Brenda Perdue 415-756-4571






Indigenous music and dance of the Aymara Culture of the southern Andes. Participants play traditional panpipes and dance in a 2000 year old technique. The group currently includes 40 artists: 20 musician/dancers and 20 dancers. All ages and cultural backgrounds are welcome to join.


There is no cost to attend rehearsals, join in the parade or use a costume.


CONTACT: Luis Valverde


Facebook: VALVERDE DANCE THEATRE Facebook Page






Come dance with us in Hercules!


CONTACT: Nanette Vides

Phone: 510-220-2787