MAY 25th & 26th, 2019

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Come celebrate with us at the 41st annual Carnaval San Francisco! The 2019 Grand Parade will be held on May 26th at 9:30am. Watch a brilliant procession of contingents, most of which will feature beautifully adorned floats depicting rich multicultural themes and featuring performers who engage and entertain the crowds. The 2–day festival will be held May 25th and May 26th on Harrison Street between 16th and 24th Streets. Experience global cuisine, international music, dance, arts & crafts, and other fun activities and entertainment on every street corner for the entire family to enjoy.





Featuring a Special Coco Screening and Community Celebration


Carnaval San Francisco Dio De Los Muertos Celebration


November 1 – 3, 2018


You are invited to Celebrate DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS Mission District-style!


CANA, New Mission Theater, Mission Merchants Association & Carnaval San Francisco are proud to announce a special two day screening and exhibit of Disney's Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winning movie "COCO"! Bring the family!


Arrive early to get your face painted, view all the altars on Mission Street and inside the New Mission Theater, take photos and selfies, get food, pan de muerto and enjoy the entertainment prior to the film showing.


You are invited to bring a photo of a loved one that passed on to the spirit world and place it on the altar.


A fundraiser to support Cultural Arts & Health Education Program at Public Schools in San Francisco's Mission District.


For ticket information, click here.



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La Cultura Cura / Culture Heals

The word “healing” often refers to the relief of physical pain. However, there are other forms of pain that also cause us distress -- mental, emotional, and spiritual. All human beings share the common desire to avoid pain, to heal and live healthy lives. Carnaval San Francisco, following the traditions of the many countries represented in our celebration, believes that culture has the power to heal today as it has in the past.


Culture is in everything we see and do--it is in our values, belief systems, and activities. It is passed from one generation to the next by communication and imitation. A society’s cultural traditions are kept alive through music, dance, theater, literature, language and art.


During the civil rights struggles of the 1960’s, art and music was used to galvanize and inspire community action, while healing the minds, bodies, and souls of people. A famous phrase from the era, “La Cultura Cura,” translated as “Culture Heals,” was used in culturally relevant poster art, music and theater to communicate the issues of the day and inspire community action.


Carnaval San Francisco intends to rally behind “La Cultura Cura” as a social and moral statement to counter the polarized political environment in the U.S. today. As an organization, we aim to heal and build support systems for our community through the creation of culturally relevant art, music, dance and dialogue.


We believe that culture has the power to affirm one’s value, build a diverse community, and politically mobilize people of color, leading to positive outcomes and collective healing. Although Carnaval San Francisco is best-known as a massive two-day celebration that takes place over Memorial Day weekend, we also create year-round cultural events that heal our community such as the Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday festivity, the Royalty Competition, photo exhibits in public spaces, and our year-round Cultural Arts & Health Education in Mission District public schools.


In the spirit of resistance and healing, Carnaval San Francisco dedicates the 2019 celebration with the theme “La Cultura Cura / Culture Heals.”





GRAND CHAMPION: Fogo Na Roupa Grupo Carnavalesco Cultural


1ST PLACE: Loco Bloco


2ND PLACE: Ginga Brasil


3RD PLACE: Latin Dance Grooves and AcroSports





1st place — Grupo Samba Rio

2nd place — Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble

3rd place — Gente Da Cidade




1st place — Karibbean Vibrationz

2nd place — Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

3rd place — Sistas-Wit-Style




1st place — Buena Vista Horace Mann

2nd place — Sherman Elementary

3rd place — Mixtiso Latino Indio-Afro-Mexican Salvadoreño Urbano Hip Hop




1st place — Esplendor Azteca Xipe Totec

2nd place — Morenada Para el Mundo 100% es Boliviana

3rd place — La Cumbiamba Colombiana




1st place — SambaFunk! Funkquarians w/ King Theo

2nd place — Rueda Con Ritmo

3rd place — Viva La Diva




Your pledge will support Carnaval's operations this year and into the future, thus cementing this beloved San Francisco tradition annually.






FIRST PRIZE: Roundtrip Tickets for 2 to Cancun: Koleyna Kohler


SECOND PRIZE: Autographed Adrian Beltré Baseball: Victoria Martinez


THIRD PRIZE: Movie and Dinner for 6 at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - New Mission Theater: Monica Alvarez


Remo Drum: Anne Lamb & Blanca Ramirez


Movie for 2 to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Heather Hudson & Hector Mero


Madison Bumgarner Bobblehead: Aline Britton


Guest Passes for 2 to DeYoung or Legion of Honor: Ione Assumpção & Bryce Harper


Free Personal Training Service by LAW (Latin American Workout): Summer Miranda


Walt Disney Family Museum for 4: Sheldon Hall


SanFam Hat: Zoila Amort


4 Zumba Classes with Nannette Vides: Patricia Picard


Cuban Salsa Dance Class for 2: Hameed Qabazard


Soltrón CD and T-shirt: Dominic Vantman


Monterey Bay Aquarium Tickets for 2: Metzi Henriquez


Chiropractic Intake Session from Dr. Rhame: Myrna Melgar


$20 gift certificate from Turner's Kitchen: Rhodora Derpo


$20 gift certificate from Fayes: Stanley Yamis


Dinner for 2 at Nayarit Restaurant: Joe Jayme, Olivia Rojo, & Johanna Chicas


Drum Circle for 30 people from Arturo Carrillo: Grace Dover


Professional Photo of San Francisco by Robert Werner: Jose Cesteni


Free 2-hour Photobooth Service & Unlimited Prints by Stardust Photobooth Company: Jasmine Wise


Italian Gift Basket: Stanley Yamis


$25 Gift Card from Pork Store Cafe: Jack Bay


Carnaval SF 40th Anniversary Shirt: Marie Caruso, Brian McKeown, Oscar Gonzalez, & Eraclio Razo





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