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CANA-Carnaval San Francisco, in partnership with the San Francisco Latino Task Force, community based organizations, health providers and San Francisco City Departments will present a community event, "Latino COVID-19 Healing & Recovery - Salud es Poder," on Labor Day weekend, September 5th and 6th from 12pm to 5pm, at John O'Connell High School and on Harrison between 18th and 20th Streets which will provide culturally relevant and free COVID-19 testing, health, education, employment, housing, food and other resources to Latino residents hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. CANA-Carnaval San Francisco will abide with all San Francisco City and County COVID-19 rules and regulations around safety.


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Carnaval San Francisco is currently raising funds to provide community resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributions can be made online or sent to:

CANA - Mission Food Hub
1333 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


For more information please contact Festival Director, Rodrigo E. Durán, at (415) 691-1147 or via email






The CANA-Carnaval San Francisco leadership is part of the Mission District's Covid-19 Latino Task Force for distributing food and assistance to individuals and families economically impacted by the forced closure of businesses. The pandemic has proven to have significantly more devastating consequences on the Latino community from both a health and economic point of view. There is real hunger in the Mission from families unable to work or receive government support for weeks. We need food for seniors, disabled, and families with children. Carnaval San Francisco will use 100% of your donation to support individuals and families in need with food assistance. Food distribution is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 10AM at 701 Alabama Street, San Francisco. Please donate today!




Text the word, Comida to (202) 858-1233

*Mailed donations accepted. Please make check to CANA/Mission Food Hub and mail to 1333 Florida Street, San Francisco CA 94110




SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2020 2 P.M. – 4 P.M. PST


Dancers, Drummers, Musicians and More Slated to Participate in The 42​nd ​Annual Celebration

Dave Martinez Ventures brings talent, tech & community together along with Mission District’s Calle 24 Latino Cultural District for Carnaval San Francisco's 42nd annual celebration. The purpose of this year’s celebration is to help raise funds to help feed 6,000 families in the Mission District where COVID19 has disproportionately affected Latinos.


According to a recent UCSF study: o​f nearly 3,000 residents and workers in a Mission District census tract who were tested in late April for active infection with the novel coronavirus, an overwhelming number (95 percent) were Hispanic or Latinx. The majority of those who tested positive (82 percent) reported having been financially affected by economic fallout of the pandemic and only 10 percent reported being able to work from home.


“Our community needs to stay strong, and in order to persevere it needs to stay healthy​,” said Carnaval San Francisco Co-founder and Artistic Director Roberto Hernandez. “We welcome everyone to take an introspective look at their mental, spiritual and physical health, and seek balance and well–being, particularly in tumultuous times.”


San Francisco’s Carnaval celebration will feature music, dance, brilliant costumes from Latin America and the Caribbean.


The live streaming event, powered by LATINLIVE™, HOWLiVE, Jaffe Events & Earshot Entertainment will include today’s top Latino artists including heritage artists, Mardi Gras & Fat Tuesday festivities. Proceeds will go to help feed 6,000 families. ​Donations will be accepted during the stream with a Donate Button.


Admission to this streaming event is ​free. Stream and donate at:







Carnaval San Francisco is going Online for the month of May leading up to our Memorial Day Weekend! Stay tuned for interviews, videos, interactive flyers, and special virtual performances! Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and Youtube.


Our decision for going online in May comes from understanding that this is historically the month when we come together and heal. Carnaval San Francisco believes in the power of holistic health to strengthen both the individual and the community. Through our online celebration, we aim to raise awareness of health under our theme "Salud es Poder / Health is Wealth."


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Carnaval San Francisco's chosen theme, "SALUD ES PODER, HEALTH IS OUR WEALTH," could not be more relevant than it is in 2020. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value of our theme in a way we did not expect. Now, more than ever, we are more aware of how fragile our health is, how it is worth changing our lives for, and how grateful we are when we enjoy the blessings of good health.

We continue to respond to the challenges this escalating pandemic presents, our first priority is the health and well-being of our production team members, volunteers, comparsas, artist, vendors and the community-at-large.

After a lengthy process working together with the board of directors, production team, City & County of San Francisco, volunteers, compasas, schools, sponsors and community, we decided to POSTPONE the PARADE and FESTIVAL until after the summer. We are currently working with the city on a date which we will announce once confirmed. 

We ask everyone to follow these guidelines set forth by public health authorities to stop the spread of CORONAVIRUS:
  • Wash hands with soap & water, and rub for 30 seconds.
  • Drink plenty of WATER
  • Keep your mouth moist
  • When shopping for essentials stay 6 FEET away from others 
  • Wear a mask at all times when outside
  • NO house gathering, dinner parties, meetings, rehearsals
  • Cover your mouth before cough or sneeze.
  • Practice DEEP breathing in open areas
  • Open all you windows in your casa to get fresh air flowing daily
  • Exercise daily
If you need current information about COVID-19 and aren’t sure where to go, we encourage you to refer to San Francisco’s Department of Public Health and San Francisco Unified School District’s websites.

We will keep everyone up-dated when the PARADE and FESTIVAL will be scheduled and volunteer opportunities. Our team remains hard at work pushing for safe events and providing resources for our community members in need of services at this time. We remain available to answer any questions you have at

Let's all work together to stay safe, healthy and well informed. Please take care of yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors! Mil gracias!  
Roberto Y. Hernandez
Executive Producer/Artistic Director
Carnaval San Francisco

Salud Es Poder / Health is Wealth

The idea of what defines a healthy human being differs from person to person. Some measure health by the amount of wealth accumulated, how safe the environment around them is, or the type of diet that they maintain.


A more holistic approach to health is to approach it by thinking about a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and how those three types of health impact the environment around them.


The old saying goes, “train the mind, and the body will follow,” which is a statement that suggests that good health starts with a positive outlook. To “train the mind” is interpreted differently based on culture, religion, and nation but despite those differences, most people know intuitively that thinking positively can lead to better physical well-being. A healthy mindset encourages us to make better choices for our bodies, including exercising more and eating a diet based on nutrient-rich food.


Healthy eating is one of the keys to wellness. It varies widely depending on many factors such as culture, economic resources, the environment, and lifestyle. These two states of health are important, but without a spiritual baseline, both the mind and the body run into disarray.


Spiritual health is rarely spoken about and oftentimes is solely attached to a particular religion, but it transcends organized religion. To be spiritually healthy can mean being thankful for all of your blessings and to see the world as an interconnected whole that you are deeply part of. Spiritual health can help cure emotional, mental and sometimes physical ailments just by being in tune with everything that connects you with a higher being, cause, or purpose.


Carnaval San Francisco believes in the power of holistic health to strengthen both the individual and the community. For the 2020 Grand Parade and Festival we aim to raise awareness of health under the theme “Salud es Poder / Health is Wealth.” Our community needs to stay strong, and in order to persevere it needs to stay healthy. We welcome everyone to take an introspective look at personal health--mentally, physically, and spiritually--and seek balance and well-being in these tumultuous times.

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